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Blossom Bloom


The before and after sanding of this beauty maple slab. I cycle through about 6 grits to create a nice smooth surface.

Next is the sketch. I just use a mechanical pencil for this to work out any kinks of the design I have in my head and make sure it fits.


Time for the outlining. This part is the committing to the design step. No room for errors!


And the shading!! It's long and tedious but oh so satisfying.


The Above image is without an oil finish and below is with oil finish. The differences are subtle. I use an organic bees wax and coconut oil. My intention is to maintain as much of the natural essence and look of the wood while giving it a little more protection. 


This piece stands about 26 inches tall and 12 inches wide and is available at Beach Fire Brewing and Nosh House in Campbell River, B.C

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