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Friend or Foe

This piece kind of happened. I had been wanting to do a mermaid for awhile and had been collecting reference images of them over the last couple months. I really liked the idea of having this perspective of above and below water. The fox and the tentacle came about on the spot during the initial sketching that I do in pencil. I didn't get a picture of it this time because I was just excited to get to the burning parts.

Below is the outlining stage or the solidifying the design stage.


The idea of Friend or Foe as a title came about once I felt the tension between the fox and the tentacle and the unclear intention of the water creature. Is she trying to engage the fox in harmless play? Or is this an attempt to bait the fox for a quick grab, drown and devour? The other limb gripping, waiting. The fox itself seems calm yet cautious and interested. The piece seems to illicit a sense of mental animation. What do you see? A playful relationship between two unlikely friends or a sinister deception?


As usual, I get it to where I think its done then sit with it overnight and then have another session with it. It's not done until it gets its slathering of my homemade wood butter. See below.


I truly love this piece. For me, the most satisfying pieces of art are the ones that evolve and tell a story that unfolds during its creation. When I can look upon it and marvel at its expression which of course, came out of me. Original, one of a kind artwork. Available for purchase at Telegraph Cove

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