Glute Isolation Exercises You Need to Know if you want a Bigger Booty

Bigger Booty and Smaller Thighs Workout

If you have read my post on my current workout split, you will know I train four times a week. I train lower body twice, arms and back once and abs once. Your bum is made of three muscle groups – The gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. It is therefore important to train them often and vary your exercises to target each different area. Glute isolation exercises do what they say on the tin, they isolate the glute muscles. I have found that incorporating these into my training has really helped to shape my bum and make it a rounder.I like to add these glute isolation exercises to the end of my ab workout as they don’t take long but are very effective.

I’m sorry if the image quality isn’t the best, but I thought I would take the photos in my bedroom, since that’s where I workout. At least this way it shows you can workout in the smallest of spaces. I typically use resistance bands for the first two supersets for added resistance, but they are just as effective without!

Superset 1

side leg raise
side leg raise


Side leg raise 12 reps  x 3

kick back 12 reps  x 3 (complete each set of reps with a 5 pulses)

It’s best to hold onto a wall or chair for support when performing this exercise. After uploading these pictures I’ve realised I probably should of kept my back a little more straight for these exercises(oops).

Both of these exercises start from a standing position. For the first exercise I raise my leg to the side as far as I can go before slowly bringing it down. To perform a kickback, I raise my leg behind me, making sure to not to go to high incase I hurt my back.After that I slowly lower it back down. I squeeze my glutes at the top of each movement.


Superset 2

isolated upward lift
isolated upward lift

upward lift
upward lift
Isolated leg lift 12 reps  x 3

Leg lift 12 reps  x3

These may look really funny but I promise you that they’re effective Both of these exercises start from a lying position with your legs spread slightly apart and your stomach flat to the ground, keeping your back straight. When lifting your leg(s) off the floor make sure to keep your hip bone still on the floor ,as it will help reduce any back strain.


Superset 3

single leg glute bridge

glute bridge with kettlebell
Single leg glute bridge 12 x3

Glute bridge 12 x 3

Glute bridges are great for building your glute muscles and I really think everyone should incorporate them into their workouts. I usually give myself a 30 second rest after each set before moving on to the next to give my muscles some time to recover. My biggest tip would be to really focus on pushing yourself up from the ground by squeezing your glute muscles.

Start by lying down on your back with your knees bent. For a single leg bridge put one leg over the thigh of my other, and press up from the floor using your glutes. Then,  lower yourself back down until your bum is nearly touching the ground, then repeat. For the standard glute bridge raise your toes off the ground for more focus on the glutes.


I really hope you find these types of posts useful! Try these glute isolation exercises at home and see what you think.If yous would like to see my other workout routines please let me know in the comments x


Amy x


** I am not an expert or personal trainer. I have learnt these exercises from youtube and Instagram. I am just showing you what I personally do and what works for me**