Feeling Disheartened with Social Media.

A Little Moan About Social Media

Hello again. I thought I would come to you with a slightly different post today. To be completely honest I have been feeling down this week. I was browsing twitter a few days ago when I saw an amazing feed from Blogger Bee ( @queenbeady) talking about the struggle small Instagram accounts are having when trying to grow their following.

This summed up perfectly how I’m feeling. I’ve just recently decided that I would use my Instagram and Twitter accounts as an extension of my blog, sharing OOTD’s and my fitness progress. However, in the past 2-3 weeks I’ve found that my engagement has plumeted. I was easily gaining 40 + likes on each post when I only had friends/family on my account. Now that I’m thinking of using it professionally, the last 4-5 posts are only reaching 20 likes at the most.

This might seem really stupid and superficial but it can be very disheartening.If anything, it’s made me disinterested in creating better content. I haven’t even bothered linking my blog to my account yet.I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy blogging when I first gave it a try, but I’ve come to love it and have realised it’s something I want to continue doing.

Disappointment can also lead to toxic thoughts and yesterday I found myself  comparing myself to others and asking “why does she get more likes than me”. This needed to be stopped. I struggled for years with never feeling good enough and I’m not prepared to let a social media platform break me down again.

Today I’ve took a break from all social media. I’m hoping to come back to it with a  refreshed and positive mindset. Continuing on I will be restricting my time spent on social media to an hour each day. However, my biggest aim is to use the time I spend outside of social media more effectively and create better quality content.

I’m going to continue posting about fashion and fitness as I do really enjoy these. Although I will also be creating content focused on giving advice and help when I can, and hopefully encouraging others to be more positive.

Sorry for the little moan but I need to get it off my chest and I thought writing would be the best way to do. Have you had the same trouble with Instagram?

Amy x


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