Doing These Four Little Can Make Someone Else’s Day

Following on from yesterdays post, I thought I would share some small acts of kindness you can do that will make someone’s day. It doesn’t matter whether you do these to a complete stranger or someone close to you. The world is full of hate and hostility, so lets try bring a little happiness to someone else.


1.Talk to someone

My mother has always taught me to be friendly to others as ” for all you know you may be the only the person that they speak to today”. When I was younger I never really understood this, but now I know that for many people the world can be a lonely place. I often get comments from elders when I’m walking the dog or waiting for the bus . I always make sure to respond to them and have a little chat. If in doubt you can also talk about the weather, every Brit loves to moan about it.Taking the time to aknowlege someone could make a huge difference to their day.


2.Give Your Bus Ticket Away

Of course I don’t mean give someone a ticket if you need to use it. However, if I’ve purchased a day ticket and I ‘m on my home I like to give my ticket to someone waiting for the bus so they can get use out of it. You’d be surprised how thankful people are for saving them a few quid.


3. Compliment Someone on Social Media

Giving someone a compliment sounds obvious, but how often do you actually compliment someone rather than just liking their photo or post? Comment on someones picture how good they look or congartualte someone on their new accomplishment. It takes a few seconds to type “You look amazing!” but them few seconds could have a lasting effect on someones confidence.


4.Be Super Nice to Someone Working in Customer Service

I’ve worked in two retail jobs before and know from personal experience that a lot of people like to take out their bad moods on the people serving them. It seems like people who have spent hours being nothing but lovely to their colleagues will come into store on their break and decide to  ‘let off some steam’ by being the customer from hell. Having a customer that’s friendly and wishes you a good day can really make days bearable.
Thank you all for reading, please share with me any other little acts of kindness you’ve either recieved or given

Amy x
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