Four Goals I Want To Achieve In My Second Year Of University

Goals to Achive in UniIt’s hard for me to believe that I’m already starting my second year of university. I still often( pretty much every week) get mistook for a child and here I am half way through my higher education.

My first year of university was a chance for me to grow as a person. I’ve previously discussed that I struggled with being that quiet, socially awkward kid in high school and I never felt like I fitted in. I was desperate to shake this ‘label’ off when I went to university.

I’m not sure whether I still have this label or not. But I do know that I don’t care anymore. I have a great group of friends around me and I’ve never felt as secure within myself as I do now. I won’t bore you with anymore recapping. If you’d like to know more check out my post on what I learned from my first year at uni. 


My Goals for Second Year of University:


Ace My Grades

This a pretty obvious one, but I want to finish university with a first class degree. I’ve mentioned in a pevious post that coursework can massively bump up your grade. I’m aiming for 80% and above in all my coursework pieces and 70% and above for my exams.

Gain Experience in the Workplace

There is more graduates then there’s ever been before. Although this is great, it means the job market no longer want just a good degree,but also first hand experience in the field. I’m not 100% certain on what I want to delve into after uni, so I’m hoping to try and get a few short placements to give me a good all round experience. Fortunately my university offers “Year In Industry” placement at the end of second year, so I have the option of this as well.

Stay Consistent

I have a tendency to go at something full speed, only to drop off completely once I become bored two weeks in. I aim to keep up with my notes each week and once my schedule calms down I’m going to set aside time each week to revise. And actually revise. Outside of university I’ll of course be posting here every Tuesday. I used to be really into drawing a few years ago, but I got too “busy” and stopped. I’m hoping to get back to drawing regularly.

Become More Independent

I would class myself as an independent person. I like to do things myself. However, I feel that my anxiety and worrying hold me back. For example, It took me until last year before I took the bus into the city centre on my own. I’m not sure why, but I was terrified of going on my own and embarrassing myself. Now that I have done it, I get the bus on my own all time and prefer shopping by myself than with others.

If you haven’t dealt with anxiety that probably sounds reaaally stupid. It is. There’s a lot left I still need to conquer and I’m hoping this year I’ll be able to free myself a little more. You never know, I might actually be able to order a coffee on my own without turning into a skittish mess.


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