Four Ways to Save Money as a Student

Going to University This Year?

You’ve probably heard that money can become tight when you’re a student. If you don’t fancy having to make a tenner last you two weeks ( believe me, people end up in these situations) then take a look at my tips for saving money as a student. These tips have been tried and tested by yours truly, and I’ve managed to save most of my maintenance loan by following these points.


1.Make the most of student discount

One of the perks of being a student is that there are hundreds of companies willing to give you discount, just because you’re studying. Make the most of it. The Unidays app is a must have in a students phone. You can sign up for free,and it gives you access to discounts from most highstreet stores and online retailers. My top picks from Unidays are:

  • Missguided – 10% discount (every few month they go up to 30% or 40% off !!)
  • ASOS – 10 % discount (have exclusive 20% off everything every couple of months)
  • Spotify –  50% discount year round , so only a fiver a month
  • My Protein – 10% discount ( every month or so they have 20,30 or even 40% off)


2. Use cashback and reward services wisely

If you don’t know what cashback is, it’s where you get a small percentage of money back from purchases using the link provided by the cashback website. I find that quidco is the easiest to use, but there is also Topcashback, Ebates,Swagbucks and many more. You’re essentially getting payed… to spend money! Another way of collecting money is through reward services, provided by most stores such as Boots and Superdrug. Everytime you purchase something reward points will be put onto you’re card.These points then build up and are converted into money that you can use in store or online.For example, I now have £18 worth of points on my Boots advantage card.

Now for the important bit. Don’t reclaim you’re reward straight away. Keep the money building up until there is a time you need to buy someone a gift, or you really want to splurge on a high end item. My favourite way to do this is to save my reward points till December, then use the money I’ve saved up to buy gifts for my family. It makes Christmas much more cheaper, and no money has to come out of you’re bank!


3.Make your own lunch

A really easy way to waste money at university is to buy a Starbucks and Yo-sushi every day for lunch. Even if you only spend fiver a day on eating out, that amounts to £25 a week .It probably would’ve only cost you £10 to make yourself a batch of sandwiches for the week. Try making you’re own lunch for at least half of the week. You can find loads of meal prep ideas on Pinterest if you’re stuck for inspiration. I always keep a protein bar in my bag so that even when I’ve forgotten my lunch I still have something to satisfy my hunger.


4. Create a budget and stick to it

I know I know, this sounds boring but I promise this is the most important point of this post. I used a free budget template on Microsoft Word and worked out my monthly expenses. From there, I created a rough budget for myself to spend on the less essential but still important aspects of my life. For example, I limit my spending on clothes/shoes to  £120 a month and try to only spend £10 a week on coffees, takeaway food and chocolate bars. This has allowed to me conserve most of my wage , which I use on things worth more to me such as holidays abroad ,days out with my family and driving lessons.


I hope you found this post helpful, see you again very soon!

Amy x



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