Killer Leg Workout And My New Workout Split

Picture of me performing a split lunge as part of my leg workout


Hi again!

Today I’m sharing with you my new leg workout routine and a little update on my progress.

As you may know, I’ve been consistently working out since January 2016. I’ve made a lot of progress so far, but have hit a plateau. To get over this I’ve switched up my workouts and I’m going to start tracking my food again just to keep myself on the right path. If you’ve already read my other post on my current physique and fitness goals you will know that I struggle with eating enough rather than eating too much.

I’m aiming to eat around 1800-1900 calories a day and continue to workout four times a week. My workouts are split in to two leg days, an upper body day and an ab/HIIT cardio day where I throw in some glute isolation exercises.To see what glute isolation exercise I do click here! I’m still working out at home and for lower body exercises I mainly use my 5kg dumbbells or my 8kg kettlebell. Hope you enjoy!


My Leg Workout:


Superset 1


Sumo squat 12 x 3 (with 8kg kettlebell)

Straight leg deadlift 12 x3 (usually use 5kg dumbbell’s)

To avoid injury, keep your back straight when performing a deadlift and remember to squeeze at the top of the movement


Superset 2


Split lunge 12 x 3 (with 3kg dumbbell’s)

Side lunge 12 x 3 (with 4kg kettlebell)

I’ve tried Bulgarian split lunges in the past but I find i’m not able to balance my weight well enough to get the most effect out of the exercise, so I do split lunges instead.


Superset 3


Curtsey lunge 12 x 3 (with 3 kg dumbbell’s)

Single leg deadlift 12 x 3 (with 3 kg dumbbell’s)

If you’ve never done a split lunge before it may be useful holding on to something to keep yourself stable.


Superset 4


Fire hydrant 12 x 3 (with 3 kg dumbbell’s)

Leg raise  12 x 3 (with 3 kg dumbbell’s)

Frog ups 12 x 3

I use a dumbbell to  make the first two exercises a little harder but if you don’t have those at home you can easily swap them out for a resistance band.

** I’m not a qualified trainer. Here I am showing what I do but always research each exercise to make sure you know how to correctly perform the movement. My posture may be a little off in these photos due to the cramped location**

Thanks for reading! I will be posting on Tuesdays at 11 am from now on, and I’ll be switching between fashion and fitness related posts.

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