Styling Tips You Don’t Want To Ignore If You Are Petite

As a 5 foot woman, trying to find clothes that fit and flatter can be a daunting and often exhausting task. It’s always a disappointment when you find something you LOVE,but once you get it home and try it on it you realise it was never meant to be.

I’ve put together some of the tips and tricks I use when looking for clothes to suit my smaller frame. Hopefully you will find these helpful! Of course, these are merely what I personally find useful but you can wear what ever you want and rock it!

1.The Three Quarters Rule

As many of you know, a great way to appear taller is to either elongate your legs or your torso. To elongate my legs I wear high waisted jeans, usually with a shirt tucked in or a slightly cropped top. This gives the elusion of super long legs. For added length, you can match you’re shoe colour with the colour of you’re pants.

To elongate my torso I like buy slightly longer line shirts ( they should hit just below you’re bum) and have them untucked, with skinny jeans or leggings underneath. This trick makes you’re eye follow the shirt downwards, making your appear taller.


2.  Block Colour Dressing

Having an all one colour outfit can look sleek and put together, as well as lengthening the body. A well know combination is all black, however head to toe red was spotted at Autumn/ Winter catwalks and since red is set to be the new seasons ‘it’ colour, why not dare to give it a go.


3. The Half and Half Rule

Oversized silhouettes and flowy fabrics can sometimes drown out your figure, especially when you’re petite. To avoid this I go by the half and half rule- keep one half of you’re outfit streamlined and one half oversized. For example, I pair baggy jumpers with skinny jeans. This ‘rule’ helps me to still look proportionate when I wear oversized clothing instead of looking like a sac of potatoes.


4. Getting The Right Fit

The fit of you’re clothing can make you look put together and sleek, or make you look like you’ve borrowed a giants clothes for the day. Here’s some things to look out for when your trying on clothes:

  • Jackets sleeves should hit just below the wrist
  • Standard sized jeans often have lower knee positioning, so make sure you don’t have any loose fabric around/below you’re knees.
  • Shoulder seams should be where you’re shoulder begins, not dropped past your shoulder (unless that is the style of top)
  • Make sure all seams are in their correct places
  • Back pockets should sit higher up on your bum, otherwise they will make it look smaller and saggy.


Thanks for reading! I was really trying to get some pictures to go with this post  but my weeks been so hectic and I’ve had a few family emergencies along the way. I’m back to posting better quality content now though so make sure you follow to stay up to date!

Amy x



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