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I'm Coming Out Of The Closet

Updated: May 7

It's been a long time coming. The inevitability of it all seems so clear now. Perhaps it is divine timing. Perhaps it is the point of personal growth I have reached or maybe its just cuz its 2020 and why the hell not.

I kind of always knew...

I had dabbled here and there without really ever holding onto it tightly enough to consider it a part of my identity but all the signs and behaviors have reached such an undeniable crescendo that I can no longer ignore and or deny it.

I have the clothing, the mind set and quite a lot of the paraphernalia and as much as those things on their own do not make it more real, they certainly help. Especially now that I really come to terms with the reality of it all.

More and more I am going through the motions. More and more I am mindfully steering my ship into the chasms of its intoxication allure. More and more are my interests, pursuits and intentions leaning toward the power and majesty of its realization.

And I wanted you to be the first to know. You who have taken the time to read this post and who are willing to share in my coming out acknowledgement.

I think I have avoided the declaration because of not wanted to be persecuted, labeled or judged but mostly misunderstood. I do have some people in my life who just wouldn't understand or who have their own bias, prejudices and preconceived assumptions that I didn't want to have to defend my position. So much energy is wasted on trying to get others to see things from your own perspective and I didn't have a lot of extra energy for this so I avoided it. All.

But I have been realizing more and more that people can only perceive you from their own levels of awareness. If someone wants to make wild sweeping judgments with very little information, that really has nothing to do with me. And also, nobody else could ever possibly have enough information to make accurate assumptions anyways so in the great grand scheme of things, does it really matter if someone else understands you?

Nope. It's nice when it happens but it really shouldn't be the end of the world if they don't because most times, they won't.

Their level of understanding has nothing to do with you so why should I deny myself the freedom of being and doing and saying whatever the funk I want to.

Which brings us to right here and right now with me not giving a flying cracker if you accept me for who I am or not because this is my coming out of the closet and it's going to happen whether or not anyone is there to witness it.

What does coming out of the closet look like to me?

Acknowledgement. And declaration. Of being fearlessly determined to rebel, to stand alone if need be and to live my life based on my own terms as well as to keep pushing up against proposed norms that do not accept the individuals rights and needs. To be powerful, curious and in various states of learning and discovery. Basically, unapologetically my Self.

So here goes...

I am a witch.

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