So the times are calling for face sheilds to protect us from particulates from speaking moistly at each other.

Even when we are at our most cautious, it just takes one stray drop caught on the wind that can get into our nasal passage or even mouths.

When I first decided to make a mask for myself, I really was bothered that you couldn't see my smile during a time when smiles are all the more powerful, important and an indication that we are alright. So, the felted smile was born!

Big, juicy and ridiculous and sure to lighten moods, produce a chuckle all while providing a protective layer when out amounst air potentially filled with contaminated spit particles.

For most of us, this won't be a usual go to and grab for day to day use. But everyone has an event or activity in their lives that would benefit from the light-hearted playfulness of these little additions to your face protection.

This post is for Lips only! MASK NOT INCLUDED!

These lips can be sewn onto any cloth mask or have them attached for you at no extra charge. 

Please check out the custom options and keep in mind that these are all made individually so no two will be identical. Also, be sure to check out the Care Instruction section to ensure the longest life of your felted smile.

Luscious Lips

Smile color
Lip Size
  • Drop off deliveries can happen for all locals during the times I leave home (every 1-2 weeks) Please ensure I have your address and any special instructions if necessary upon completion of your order.

    For mailing I use Express Post envelope for speedy delivery but only during the times I leave home (every 1-2 weeks) Please ensure I have your address and any special instructions if necessary upon completion of your order.

    I will not except any returns. All sales are final. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of your product, please contact me immediately so we can find a way to alleviate your concerns and/or issues. Your happiness is important to me.

  • The lips are individually needle felted using locally pre-dyed merino wool.

    It is strongly reccommended that you hand wash the inside of your mask, use a washable insert pad or make a sanitizing solution that you spray on and hang dry. I use:

    1 table spoon white vinegar to 1 cup of water and several drops of thieves essential oil or

    sanatizing alcohol (contact local distilleries i.e. Shelter Bay) and essential oil

    Whatever you feel comfortable with, have on hand, and does the job.

    MACHINE WASH AT YOUR OWN RISK! The wash and dryer process will severely affect your wool smile.

    Any issues resulting from machine washing the mask will be met with tsks and oh no you didnts so please just hand wash only.

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