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Creative Options  * click on images to find out more *

photography of a ceramic peice created by artist
Art Mentor Program

Sign up for ongoing mentorship for you or a loved one. Semesters split up into 5, 10 or 16 weeks. Spend 2 hours per week developing and exploring your creativity. Test your interests and hone your skills with one on one guidance in a working artist studio.

A little peek at what I've been working
Private Class

Got a particular project or medium of interest in mind? During a consult, co-construct a specified project of your choice. This one time, 2 hour session allows you to explore, create with one on one guidance. Take home a finished piece by the end of the class. What will you create?

an example of a students creation
Art Facilitator

Craft Party! Have an artist come to your space and facilitate a craft to a group.

henna paste on the skin
Body Art

Artist for hire to provide professional art service. Are you throwing a party and need something extra special there? 

Face Painting

Organic Henna designs

Body Painting

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