Video 1 - Stop Animation using articulated dolls allows for a wider range of movement to be displayed. A lot of attention is paid to setting the scene and the little details like furniture and stuff on shelves. Quite a lot of creating was necessary in order to produce the environment for the story. In both videos, setting the scene was crucial to create a believable world for the dolls to exist. Of course, not all stop animation will need this much attention to detail. A story can be told in a sparsely populated area, it all depends on the directors vision. Once the scene has been set, it is time to animate the characters. This is done by slightly moving components within the shot and taking a still image. This is repeated until the scene has been shot. All still images are then imported into an online photo stitching program that will display each images in succession creating the illusion of movement. Not only is it rewarding to see your characters come to life in your own home-made video, it also develops a higher appreciation for full length movies that are made in this same way, like Fantastic Mr. Fox and Box Trolls.

Video 2 - This was one of the biggest paintings I have ever done. It was for one of my finals while in Emily Carr University. The video was shot over the course of a week and I chose to display the final video in reverse because it seemed more exciting to reveal each layer. The same techniques are employed except I had a camera that could be programed to take a picture every 5-10 second. Some of the critiques I received was that I should have stuck with one camera angle and I should have not been in any of the shots. I think maintaining one angle would have been better but my intention was to include the process which involves the artist.

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