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The above was one of the biggest paintings I have ever done. It was for one of my finals while I was in Emily Carr University getting my BFA. The video was shot over the course of a week and I chose to display the final video in reverse because it seemed more exciting to reveal each layer. The same techniques are employed except I had a camera that could be programed to take a picture every 5-10 second. Some of the critiques I received was that I should have stuck with one camera angle and I should have not been in any of the shots. I think maintaining one angle would have been better but my intention was to include the process which involves the artist.

I loved the opportunity to play with the same idea as the wall stop animation on a 3 dimensional form. Again the reveal was more exciting to me especially because the form is humanesque - it's like stripping away all the layers of protection we acquire and impose and getting down to the base level or core.

This Black and White painting was just a quick and fun day paint just because.

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