University Wardrobe Essentials You May Not Have Thought of

We all know the basic pieces we should have in our wardrobes- black and white t-shirts, a black pair of jeans etc.. But I thought I would share some pieces I think everyone should have in their wardrobe when they go to University. I’ve tried to make this list as broad as possible and I hope you’ll see something you wouldn’t of necessarily thought of yourself.

Just to let yous know I think I will be going to go back  to posting  once a week. This way I will have more time to make better quality content (hopefully). I haven’t decided on my posting day yet but I will let yous know!

1.Denim Shirt

A denim shirt, whether in classic blue or black is an amazingly versatile piece. I  like to layer mine under jumpers in the winter and in the summer I throw it over a t-shirt and wear it as a jacket. Here I’ve shown you a really easy outfit- a black vest top and jeans- that has been dressed up with the shirt. I’ve had mine for about four years and It’s definitely become one of my most worn pieces.

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2. Dressy Boots

I come from a massive party city in England and you’ll find that most girls go all-out glam for night’s out. I’m talking 6-inch heels, tight dresses and mountains of fake tan and lashes.So I was really surprised when I got to university and found that most people went out clubbing in very casual attire. I would advise bringing a pair of boots, maybe with a small heel that are comfortable but are still a little more dressy. I’ve found that wearing a pretty casual outfit but dressing it up slightly with a pair of boots is the way most girls tend to go out in, so I’d defiantly bring a pair with you.

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3.Smart Joggers

I find that putting effort into my appearance everyday makes me feel more confident and excited for the day ahead. However, there is days where I want to be comfortable. A pair of smart looking joggers are the perfect compromise for me.My current favourite are these slim fitting joggers from Bershka. They feel like i’m wearing pyjamas but definitely don’t look like it. I like to pair mine with a trainers and then something a little dressier on top such as the denim shirt I spoke about earlier.

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4.The ‘nice top’

We’ve all been there. Your going to a party and you don’t know what to wear. You text your friends asking what they’re wearing and you get the most ambiguous reply  ever      ” jeans and a nice top xx”. What classifies as a nice top!?! As I mentioned before the dress codes for nights out is usually casual, so you’ll be hearing ” jeans and a nice top” pretty often. I would class a ‘nice top’ as something like this black top from H&M. It’s a solid colour with no embellishment, but the ruffles give it something extra. I’ve linked a few other options down below if your stuck for inspiration!

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5.Shirt/ Blouse

Most of the time you’re at uni will be spent in lectures or chilling around campus when you should be working. But you may need to do presentations or interviews for a job outside of university,so I’d make sure you take one or two shirts/blouses with you. A white shirt is an obvious option, but stripes are really in fashion at the moment and look just as good.



6. Loafers or brogues

I think bringing trainers is an obvious choice when your thinking of university, but it’s worthwhile getting some smarter shoes as well for any occasion where you might need to look a little smarter. I find that accessories such as shoes can really make an outfit and can change it’s look completely, so it’s always good to have some variety anyways! I’ve just bought these loafers on a  recent shopping trip and I’m absolutely in love with them!


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Dorothy Perkins


I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks again for all the support. What’s the one clothing item you can’t live without? Tell me in the comments!

Amy x