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Cardboard Builds

Chaise Lounge for Skully

It all started when a friend shared a post about people making crochet cat couches. I immediately became obsessed but my lack of yarn made me quickly move to the plethora of fabric that I have. For those of you who do not know, Skully is a fluffy, 3 legged male cat who often lays with his back leg stretched out behind him so it made perfect sense for me to instantly picture him stretched out on a chaise lounge.


Skully helping get cardboard pieces together.


I learnt quite a bit during this first attempt and Skully was a great help. The base needed to be reconsidered, the arm more prominant and the back needed to be taller so that it frames behind him more.  Also, using packing tape did not work at all.


Attempt number 2


I didn't take a lot of process shots during phase 2. Using the newsprint box was super helpful because it was the perfect size and shape for my vision. I also employed what I learned from the first attempt, curling the cardboard to make the arm and then making the backing the proper height for the Skullster. During the "batting" stage, I wanted to upcycle fabric. I tested an old horse blanket but it had too many ridges for my liking so I ended up using towels instead. I also used a glue gun to stabilize. 

Next to think about was the fabric to cover! I wanted either blue or purple because they compliment Skully's coloring. Something with some elegance. I had the perfect piece...


And of course I needed a pillow, The first one as you see seemed a little too small for Skully so I made another one with a denim back and... I built a base out of yellow cedar.


So I'm not going to lie, I really loved it. The smoothness of the cedar was glorious but there were some dents and scratches that I couldn't sand out that I felt could only be remedied (covered/hidden) if I added a little woodburn action.


I was pretty sure at this point that I messed it up. I felt like I should have either opted to not woodburn it or I should have stopped after the corner design on the left. I don't know what happened - suddenly I was burning a sun moon and then a tree - did 3 different people doodle on this base or what?! I had to walk away from it for a few days. Hopefully something would come to me so I can salvage it.



I think it's a success! Skully doesn't care about the wood burnt design. He seems pretty content - seriously living his best life :D

Here are a couple shots so you can see the corner designs a bit better. 


I really enjoyed this process and also being able to upcycle cardboard and old fabrics and pillows. I already have a few ideas for some other functional upcycled furniture piece...

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