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Amy Louise ~ OrganiChaos


Thanks for checking me out!

I'm a creative enthusiast maximalist, intuitive creator, expressive adapter, mastery student, quantum jumping, wild woman multimedia contract artist for service and design. 

Known locally mostly for face painting, original henna designs, and custom tattoos! I create in all forms and use organic, non-toxic, up-cycled, reusable, sustainable materials and processes whenever possible (excluding tattooing).

Constantly inspired by the surrounding ocean and forests, I offer a wide range of one of a kind art pieces, “unique to you” products and mostly non-toxic body art adornment services and design.

Art Works and Services

Cat Sass tattoo

A little more info?

I was born in BC and raised in Campbell River since I was 8. The next 10 years I was the step-daughter of a commercial fisherman and got the privilege of growing up a wharf rat selling live herring at a bait dock in the summer and icing rock cod and being navigator during deliveries in the winter. The vehicle I got to use once I had my drivers license at 16 was a cherry red, standard, one ton flat deck Chevy truck  -lovingly referred to as The Beast.

After graduating in 1996 brought only stale waters, I moved away from CR at 19 to Zeballos to floor manage a hotel restaurant with my chef buddy and then continued on to Victoria about 5 months later. From there I coasted to Vancouver, Whitehorse and Edmonton before coming back to CR at 21. After having a baby at 23, and becoming a single parent at 26, I went back to school for the next 15 years starting with finishing up the last few credits for high school graduation, then a Fine Art Diploma which turned into a Bachelors Degree through the Comox Valley NIC/Emily Carr University external program. I also homeschooled our son while getting my degree from grade 7-10 until he took over his last 2 years and graduated in 2020.

Throughout the years I worked with the Campbell River Art Gallery as Art Facilitator, hosting and coordinating group art projects and classes. When I started face painting with Magical Faces in 2006, I was encouraged into body painting and competed all over Canada until 2010. Considered one of the fastest face painters on the island, I am nearing my 18th year as one and I absolutely love being apart of the joy ripples it creates.

As I took my schooling part-time in order to home school my son in tandem, I was able to take quite a few academic classes of personal interest to me, like the first 2 years of Biology and Psychology which led to Positive Psychology, Child Development and Criminal/Deviant Behaviors, Physics, Philosophy and Creative Writing, Computer Programming and Media Design and Entrepreneur classes as well. In 2020, I dove deep into myself and discovered that I am both ADHD and a high-functioning Autistic. This loosely translates to being able to do many seemingly complex things easily and some seemingly easy things not at all. My unique combination upon the neurodiversive spectrum and the hacks and systems which I have built for myself in order to succeed in daily tasks have become my superpowers!

Among the lifetime collection of a plethora of personal explorations and hyper fixations, pyrography, sculpture, photography, screen printing, design, creative writing plus 4 and counting years experience manufacturing clothing on a commercial level are just a few.

Some materials I can work with:

wood, rock, plaster, cement, gardens, sand, willow, clay, wire, felt, fabrics, paint, charcoal, ink, oil pastels, chalk, pencil crayon, watercolor, felt, embroidery, yarn crocheting...

I do what I can when I can so not everything I do has gotten to this site so check back every once in a while, refresh your browser and

look for new stuff --> Art Works!

With my current level of personal experiences as an artist and creator, a wide variety of tools and technical abilities, a honed tendency of adaptability plus an innate compulsion to get inspired and hyper fixate, I feel confident I can create something for and/or with you.

Let's chat.

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