Amy Louise ~ OrganiChaos

Vancouver Island Based Artist

        Thank you  for your interest in my work. I have always considered myself a creative enthusiast. I love to make! Throughout my 30 odd years of artistry, I've dabbled with quite a few mediums and so I could be called a multi-media artist. 

A single, co-parenting mom, I homeschooled my boy through grades 7-11 while taking my BFA part-time through Emily Carr University. To make ends meet, I became a contract artist mostly with face painting and henna. Pyrography just seemed like the perfect evolution of my practice. Making a living as a multi-passionate artist is a tricky thing but has been worth it - this soul needs to express itself through creation.

Please check out my Art Works page to see some examples and check back as I'm still adding to it. 

p.s. I'd love to collaborate and/or create for you! Contact me and we will conspire.

Curriculum Vitae


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Campbell River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

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