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Amy Louise ~ OrganiChaos


Thanks for checking me out!

I'm a multimedia contract artist for service and design. 

I use organic, non-toxic, upcycled, reusable, sustainable materials and processes whenever possible (excluding tattooing)


my sparkles are eco friendly!


Inspired by the surrounding ocean and forests, I offer a wide range of one of a kind art pieces, “unique to you” products and mostly non-toxic body art adornment services and design.

Art Works and Services

Cat Sass tattoo

A little more info?

I was born in BC and raised in Campbell River since I was 8. Had my first job selling live herring at a bait dock when I was nine and bought a watch that had the words "I love you" on the face for myself with my first paycheck. The next 10 years I was the daughter of a commercial fisherman and got the privilege of growing up a wharf rat.

I moved away when I was 19 to Zeballos, Victoria, Vancouver, Whitehorse and Edmonton before coming back to CR when I was 22. After having a baby with one of my best friends, I went back to school for the next 15 years starting with finishing up the last few credits for high school graduation, then a Fine Art Diploma that turned into a Bachelors Degree through the NIC/Emily Carr University external program. While getting my degree and for a few years afterward, I homeschooled my son until he took over his last 2 years and graduated in 2020.

Throughout the years I worked with the CRAG as their Art Facilitator, hosting and coordinating group art projects and classes. I also founded and organized a few years of a biannual local market.  Over 13 years as a professional face painter and Henna artist within my local community, I also would solo vend with a 10 x 10 commercial pop up tent at festivals, markets and private functions up and down the island. Plus a plethora of personal passions like pyrography, sculpture, photography, screen prints and 4 years experience manufacturing clothing for two local clothing companies...

check out some of my Art Works!

With my current level of personal experiences as an artist and creator, a wide variety of tools and technical abilities, a honed tendency of adaptability plus an innate compulsion to get inspired and hyper fixate, I feel confident I can create something for and/or with you.

Let's chat.

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