Henna is a beautiful and completely organic temporary tattoo like stain that naturally dyes layers of skin for several weeks.

A completely painless, pleasant and relaxing process.


Curious about the Henna process? Click here!

New Safety procedures in place during these crazy times. Minimal groups and mask necessary. Contact to find out how to make your henna needs as safe as possible.

Festivals and Markets - pricing $10-$50 sliding scale depending on time, size and detail -  anything higher subject to a future private appointment. Let me know your henna budget and we will adorn you with something awesome! 


Currently only accepting Private Sessions. Contact to discuss your needs.


Private minimum $25 minimum for private sessions. 


Henna Parties - $15 min. per person.

(3 people and up) *outside, safe procedures only

Belly Blessing - $45 for momma belly

design (45mins), minimum $5 per additional 15 min intervals. *Professional photos not included but will include artist snaps.

Please feel free to contact for a quote or questions.

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