Henna is a beautiful and completely organic temporary tattoo like stain that naturally dyes layers of skin for several weeks.

A completely painless, pleasant and relaxing process.


Curious about the Henna process?

Find me out at Festivals and Markets - pricing $10-$50 sliding scale depending on time, size and detail -  anything higher subject to a future private appointment.


Currently only accepting Private Sessions.


Private minimum $25 minimum for private one on one sessions. 

Henna Parties - $10 and up per person.

(3 people and up)

Belly Blessing - $45 for momma belly

design (45mins), minimum $5 per additional design. 

Please feel free to contact amylou.oc8@gmail.com for a quote or questions.

Temporarily suspended until further notice

Markets, festivals and most public events. Please contact for private, controlled functions

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