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Henna Process, Info and Care


Yerba Mate Black Tea

Organic Cane Sugar

Lemon Juice

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Hint of Clove


Dried henna leaves are mixed into a paste and applied with a piping bag system (like icing a cake). The skin absorbs the moisture out of the paste leaving it dry and cracky. Once completely dry, the paste can be picked off (do not wash - soaking in water will interrupt the staining process within first 12 hours) or any process of removal that works for you.

You can re-moisten with a lemon/sugar mixture and/or covered with a micro-pore medical tape to secure your paste for longer absorbency. 


Once the paste has been removed, the stain starts out an orange color (skin tone depending) and gradually darkens to it's maximum potential over 48 hours to warm browns. Maintaining your dyed layers of skin ensures duration of your design.


Avoid exfoliation.


Henna stains can last anywhere from 5 days to 2.5 weeks. Most images online shows the Henna paste still on the skin - the paste is a dark earthy brown/green when wet and looks more black as it dries. Once the paste is removed and has been given time to oxidize (48hrs), Henna stains should always be within the brown/red scale.

Interested in Black Henna?

*OrganiChaos only uses organic and non-toxic ingredients!

Chlorine is not a friend of Henna.

before and after.jpg
Dried Henna paste before 
Paste Removed, Henna Stain
             after 48hours
henna stain ie.jpg
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