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Pro-Face Painting - OrganiChaos

Over 13 years of experience and ranging from full faces (the fastest, 2-4min), eye designs (pretty quick, 3-5min), cheek art (take the longest, 4-7min) and special requests (speed dependant).

Do you have a lot of faces that needs to be painted and not a lot of time? Make sure the children are lined up and knowing what they want.


Here is a list of some of the quickest, popular designs:


Full Face Designs

- butterfly

- cat

- dog

- tiger/cheetah

- bear


Eye Designs

- unicorn

- bird

- dinosaur

- gecko

- turtle


Cheek Art

- seasonal tree

- tropical silhouette

- dolphin

* all requests will be considered

Only Professional Grade Face and Body paints are used. Quality of line and vibrancy of color is highlighted by Eco-friendly sparkles - all products non-toxic for you, your children and the planet.

An active disinfectant exists within the paint. Additional safety measure include non toxic sanitation of tools during use

A confirmation of booking will be sent once booking deposit has been received.

Birthday Rates (quick in and out usually at the start of the party)

Campbell River area, $85 for up to 10 faces and $5 per after that.

For Courtenay/Comox area, $110 for up to 10 faces and $5 per after that.

Corporate/Hourly Rates  $100/hr in CR

$50 travel fee for south of Merville Store. 

Special Events and Private Parties face designs for your special occasion, min $50. For groups of 2 and up $25 per face. (Travel fee required outside of Campbell River)

* speed, quality, tactful, friendly

Contact now to check availability


See Body Painting Portfolio

Halloween Paints

painting in action.jpg

Having a stranger in your face touching you with wet brushes can be a little uncomfortable for some first timers. This is why it is important to me to have my face completely visible, to establish a one on one connection with the child. I also try to ensure them that I will not paint them if they don't want me to - this can be annoying for any parents who waited in a line finding out their kid is just not into it but it is one of my strictest policies. I will not paint anyone who does not want to be painted. I will scoot them back in if they change their mind though.

One of my favorite things is creating special request designs. One example is when a little boy  requested, " a burger with feet and a giant foot about to step on it" Sometimes I feel like a Genie, granting wishes!

Fun for all ages! This lovely lady decided to get her face painted for the very first time on her 86th birthday. She was on her went to meet her daughter off the plane and film her reaction :D


Dance and Theatre Troops


So grateful to have been a part of a few performances with a local dance company, Solstice Studio!

I enjoyed the challenges of getting all the faces done in a short period of time as well as working with the performance visionary to help achieve 'the vision'.

More Photos!


Here I am at a winter event at the local pool. Plus some beautiful faces! The little reindeer was happy with her face paint, she just really didn't like the flash in her face, twice by accident... oops!


Twining time!


I wish I could take a picture of every single beautiful face that has sat in my chair. It is really such a wonderful joy to be able to help these little souls access their imaginative play. From the moment they see their sparkled and transformed faces, and when they show their family and when other people see them as they walk around - it's such a much needed rippling effect that I think helps bring people closer and is such a key role in that community feeling found within festivals, markets and events.


Only non-toxic, professional grade body paints used. 


I'm not just a face painter, I am also a sparkle tossing joy facilitator!
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