Eclectic Sculpt - Infusion Roots

I  really wanted to test the bonding efficiency of this Free Form Sculpt Epoxy Clay so I collected a few things from around my space and went with it.

A rock. A quartz crystal. A tiny bit of stick.

This is what happened and I love it!

The cure time of this stuff is 24 hours. I waited patiently for the next day to paint.

Next thing I wanted to test was adding more...

Stoked at this point! waiting another night to paint and finish it.

Finished it off with some glisten glisten, shiney shine.

Verdict is this stuff does in fact live up to its reputation. It has the consistency of clay, has a 1.5 work time, cures hard and waterproof in 24 hours. If you haven't heard yet, You're welcome ;)

So now I'm excited about what else I can stick together...

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