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Magic Kitchen Wands


Why Magic Kitchen Wands?

One day I was gathering ingredients to make bread while consulting my book I like to rewrite recipes into. I had my music playing and so I was dancing (of course) and I had this out of body glimpse at myself, heading out to the garden for some rosemary and adding a pinch of this and a dash of that - Is this what someone "witnessed" as a Witch? Were hundreds of people burnt at the stake for baking bread?

While these thoughts passed through my mind, I also thought that if I were a witch, making magic in the kitchen then my wand would be my wooden spoon.


I had just recently found a long handled wooden spoon for when I make stock and bone broth. It came from a thrift store run by the local old folks care home so I immediately felt its history of use and longevity (power) and just HAD to burn it. Burn into it I mean.


Here it is, my first wood burnt wooden spoon wand and the meal we made together was nothing short of magical.


Of course all my other wooden spoons felt naked next to the new adorned one so I burnt them all!! 

In fact, I can't seem to stop burning them because anytime I come across one, I grab it, sanitize it by boiling it in vinegar and  baking soda and then burning it. I also made a wood butter out of bees wax and coconut oil making them food safe with no fear of cracking.

One day, I hope to have a pile of them available so people can find their special one!

Other than upcycling thrifted spoons, I need a good local source supplier in order to keep up with the demand.

Check out my Shop to see if any are available there and be sure to like my facebook page to catch one when it comes available.


The above image is a wooden spoon from Gourmet Essentials. A big, girthy spoon that means business. It has already gone to its new forever home.


This collection was sent to the local Island Inspired Artworks gift shop called THE EDGE inside The Anchor Inn


The above image are a couple spoons in action from a happy patron.

Below is a couple shots of a commissioned piece for someone wanting their pre-owned spoon adorned. A great way to breathe new life into your favorite cooking utensils!

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