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Chicken Flow on the Go

Sometimes, the music and the light is just right.

I heated my sexy dutch oven on medium high and added a good drizzle of sesame oil into the bottom

As soon as I could smell that toasty sesame-ness, I added a 4 pack of bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs - skin side down.

While those skins got crisping, I sprinkled on some garlic powder, cayenne pepper, cracked black pepper and course sea salt.

Its good to wait until a really good crust forms on the thighs before giving them a spin to ensure a decent browning circumference.

Then flip the legs and season accordingly.

By this time, the sexy beast of a pan is nice and hot so I don't wait as long on the skinless side before removing them completely from the pan.

I then grabbed some of the enchilada powder I had made up which is just flour and spices mixed together.

I sprinkled this into the pan with a tsp of butter, just because butter makes it all taste better.

I then washed and chopped up 2 medium sized hot house tomatoes - the ones on the vine

I tossed them in with the spices and added some course sea salt which I have in a small bowl near the stove, my salt measuring is varying sized pinches.

Once my tomatoes were good and juicy, I added about a cup of water and stirred all the yummy off the bottom of the pan

this adding water portion is really done by feel, you want the liquid to resemble a creamy soup

I added about a 1/3 of a cup more water because I like it a bit saucy

and then added a sprinkle of quinoa

I almost covered the surface of the sauce - I'm guessing about a 1/3 of a cup ish

After giving it all a good stir, I added the chicken back on top, and made sure to spatula in the juices that came out of the chicken while it rested.

Once the chicken was all nestled back into the quinoa sauce

I stuck it into the oven which was preheating at 350

I let it bake for about 15-18 ish minutes then took it out and left it on the stove with the lid on without looking at it

It's been at least 20 minutes, I'm getting hungry so I will stop writing this and eat. Don't worry I will take a picture which you probably already seen as perhaps its the reason why you've read this far. Send me a message if you try this out

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