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Sample Tailored Program Outline

Jane Dee - age 9

Student shows interest in exploration and hands on processes. Drawn to tactile engagements, Jane would benefit from working with mixed mediums which would strengthen her already keen eye towards creating/using found objects. A project will be created to strengthen her knowledge of various materials, their uses and processes.

Interests include:

  • Woodland creatures

  • Forests

  • Gardens

  • Ninjas


Project Proposal - 5 Week Semester

Fairy Stump Lamp

Week 1 - Goal setting

Studio welcome and tour

Seeing art around you.



Staying on task

Week 2 - Foundations

Gathering materials

A thing is a thing

Structural Integrity

Building Safety

Foresight and Flowstate

Week 3 - Top Layer

Mixing ingredients


Going by feel


Building a world

Week 4 - Outer Surfaces


Shades and highlights



Week 5 - Final Touches

Bottoms up

Additional bits

Transferable skills

Acknowledgment of achievements

Show and Tell

Example Project Proposal - 16 Week Semester

Fairy Stump Lamp (see 5 week example)

Woodland Secret Garden (see 10 week example)

Self Directed Project

Week 11 - Project Creation

Oh the possibilities



Finding your creative process

Project projection

Week 12 - Next Step

Moving forward

Gathering materials


Week 13 - Building A Vision

Top layer


Additional bits

Week 14 - Final Touches


Color theory

Adding Texture

Week 15 - Detailing

Putting it all together

Additional Add-ons



Week 16 - Wrapping up

Acknowledgment of achievements

Show and Tell

Forward to the future

Example Project Proposal - 10 Week Semester

Fairy Stump Lamp (see 5 week example)

Woodland Secret Garden

Week 6 - New Project Start

Research and Development

Site specific

Thinking like a woodland creature

Sketching a design

Week 7 - Its a Small World

Forging for materials

Creating a narrative

Making stuff out of stuff

Week 8 - Creation Time

Building small

Getting serious with glue

Working with what you've got

Week 9 - Fine Tuning

Painting surfaces


Less is sometimes more

Final touches

Week 10 - Putting it in perspective
Finding its home

Documenting work

The art of detachment

Acknowledgment of achievements

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