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     Do you have great stuff but never really had the time to do anything with it?

     Do you want to see your things in an artistic way that highlights their beauty and meaning but don't know where to start?

     Do you have an area in your home or garden that you want to be your "zen" zone with feature elements for points of focus and meditation?

     Does your space needs some special attention and you need help getting started and/or finishing?

Creative Spaces

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Every space has its purpose. For function, leisure, meditation and relaxation. It is great if your spaces are serving their functions, but what if they are not serving you as well as you would like them to?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it might be time to call in a professional artist to help you with your space.

Whether you are starting from scratch or wanting an existing space to be tweaked, your space will be designed and organized to best suit your needs and intentions.

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free consult and quote




Additional Costs

Suggestions may be offered that can further enrich a space, like seating, lights, water features, fabrics, paint, sculpture, etc. If artist is asked to procure the items, a shopping budget will be needed to cover the costs as well as continuing the per hour rate during times of procurement. For any onsite original designs, like murals, material costs will be factored in the invoice with hourly rate. Quotes available during consultation without obligation. Contact now to arrange a consult to see if our visions for your creative space are compatible. 

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