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Heading out in your Hat

A POTA Wearable Art Event - July 2020


Keeping in line with last years wearable art materials, I chose to create this hat using only paper bags. And hot glue of course.

As with all my creative endeavors, there are levels of exploration involved, trying this thing and that to find something that achieves an ideal outcome.


After spending almost 3 hours creating the sunflower, I decided the hat needed to have at least 3. 

After that is was all about bounty and textures and not adding a drop of paint. With "up-cycling" at the core of the "wearable art" movement (as well as my own), I wanted to ensure the "paper bag" remained in feature.  A fun, labor intensive project that looks great up against the wild overflowing from my garden.


This hat was on display throughout the downtown core with a ton of other locally made hats. There was voting and participation certificates and everything.


The people voted and I won Peoples Choice Award!!

More Gift certificates for me!!


It is now owned by a lovely art appreciator and patron who bid $100 in the silent auction.

Thank you for your support!

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