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OrganiChaos Artist Mentorship (OAM)


Sample Evaluation and Program Outline

Available Programs/Semesters - Ages 8+

Art Through The Ages - Early exploration into the Art World - Then till Now.

  • Guided Art History lesson(s) * includes relevant projects

    • Architecture

    • Sculpture

    • Painting

    • Mythology

    • Ancient Civilizations


Focused Thru the Ages - Guided Art History Lesson(s) and projects

  • Painting

    • Color theory

    • Composition

    • Personal expression

    • Storytelling with color

    • Mark Making Tools

  • Sculpture

    • Materials

    • Form Follows Function

    • Finding your style


Mixed Media Exploration - 3 Dimensions. Seeing materials in a different way

  • Importance of up-cycling (there is no away)

  • Collection and caching

    • Beach bits

    • Forest finds


Mixed Media Focus - Focus on one of the following

  • Painting

  • Sculptures

  • Relief


Photography and Stop Animation - Visual communication

  • Storytelling

    • genre

  • Setting the scene

    • Composition

    • Process

    • Preparation

  • Putting it all together

  • Online photo stitching programs


Design your Own Program

  • Interest driven focus

  • Test the waters - development through exploration

Sample Evaluation and Program Outline

Sample Evaluation and Program Outline

Individualized Art Programs and Semesters

The Experience Takeaways

~Immersive environment rich with inspiration and creativity.

~Brainstorming, sketching, composition.

~Direction, focus, completion.

~Preparation,  follow-thru, clean up.

~Safety, referencing and research.

~Communication - language - art speak.

Each program will be further tailored based on interests and intention of each individual.

The one-on-one guidance sessions will take place in the mentor's art studio home. Projects will be carried out while covering safety and technical procedures with emphasis on the importance of process, focus, and imagination. Students will be encouraged to keep a working sketchbook journal to document processes, procedures, experiments and inspiration.


Sign up, scheduling and length of program dependent on availability.


Terms, sign up procedures and policies here.

*All necessary materials and tools will be provided.

5 Week Semester - $225

$22.50 per hour

2 hours per week, 1 or 2 days a week - 10 hour instruction

$45 per session


10 week semester - $425

$21.50 per hour

2 hours per week - 20 hours instruction

$43 per session


16 week semester - $656

$20.50 per hour

2 hours per week - 32 hours instruction

$41 per session

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