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Terms and Proceedures 

Guidance techniques most commonly used while adhering to the Five Standards of Effective Pedagogy. 

Joint Productive Activity


Instructional Conversation

To find out more detailed information about each teaching approach employed within the Mentorship Programs, check out this link.

        Amy has many years experience working with children in the field of art education and art facilitation. Skills and experience gained through the Campbell River Art Gallery,  her professional work as a face-painter and event organizer, as a mother and being the oldest of 14 cousins in a large family. With a heavy lean towards psychology and the motivations of conditioning and societal constraints, her philosophy and approach is heavily based on nurturing and guidance that is both firm and loving through communication and fairness as well as self awareness and empathy.


       Amy is confident that she has the tools to not only mentor budding artists towards self mastery but also to guide creative individuals towards life long personal development.


Sign up Procedure

Contact Amy via email, phone or website contact mail form about your interest in an Artist Mentorship Program. Include details about the age and short description about the art interests of your applicant.

After initial contact, a meeting will be set up at the students home with parent(s) when applicable. This part of the process is a formal meet and greet with more discussion on focus, direction, length and intention of the up-coming semester composition. It will also be a chance for the student to show off any art pieces or projects they have previously done and available space for at home exploration between sessions. This allows the Mentor the opportunity to gauge skill levels, interests and general compatibility and enthusiasm of student. Please be sure to have a general idea of day(s) of the week and time slots that would be ideal as well as preferred payment methods.

Due to a possible over lapping of applicants or currently enrolled, you will receive word of acceptance into the program within the next 3-5 days. Once timing and date(s) secured, you will receive an online acceptance and enrollment contract outlining all currently agreed upon details. Please have contract signed and returned with all payments full or first installments paid at least 24hours before first session date.

Click here for an example outline.

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