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Stumbling into the Blog

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

I am not a blogging professional. In fact, this is my first time in the world of Blog and it's not as pea soup thick as I thought it was going to be. So that's a positive start. I am an artist, a creative enthusiast, a learner of life and a doer of things. I am a mother, a student, gypsy, hippy, rebel, punk. A cook, baker and crystal hanging maker. An alchemist, scientist, philosopher and psychologist. I am all the things and none of the things. I am you and I am me but the more I look into me, the more I understand about you. And so it is, or has been or seems to be.

One of the most important things I've taken from my observations of Socrates is his keen ability to get people thinking about themselves in relation to others. When you reflect on how you didn't really mean to give a person a dirty look from across the room, it just kind of happened in response to something unrelated happening within your own mind, perhaps you will choose to not take a dirty glance in your direction personal next time because you have a better sense of the fact that everyone has their own things going on in their world that has nothing to do with you. In fact, everything others do is mearly a reflection of whats happening to them or has happened in the past.

We all have specifically tailored lenses we see out of that have been constructed with personal experiences and conditioning, traumas and beliefs. It might be best to refer to these lenses as perspectives but I personally like the imagery of the term "lenses" because it creates a narrative in my mind that expresses the differences a little better . I picture trying on someone's glasses and trying to see the world as they do and depending on the strength of their perscription, I am still only able to get a vague, blurry sense of what/how they see.

A fair warning, I love me a good metaphor and even the ones that teeter precariously on the edge of not quite fitting but it might be fun to try and combine the 2 concepts together anyways.

Okay, I think that might be a good first attempt at blogging or sharing my thoughts and processes and sometimes thought processes with you who take the time to read this. I would love your feedback if you are moved to leave some. Being open to other peoples perspectives can be an effective way of getting to know how your thoughts and actions effect others. Not that I condone catering yourself to the whims of others in a self compromising door matty, push over way, but as a means of becoming more mindful, deliberate and perhaps also, less self absorbed too.

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