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We All Live In Glass Houses - Put The Rock Down.

It truly amazes me that so many people believe that if something or someone offends them than something or someone should have to stop whatever it is they are doing that is offending. I think it is one thing for an individual to be aware of things that they find offensive and they can even go so far as publicly announcing the things that offends them but its getting way too out of wack. If the thing that someone is doing is atrocious and causing harm to others or the environment then absolutely, we need to stand up and point fingers and make people be accountable for their actions but for some reason, there are those who are pulling chairs out from people simply because they have a difference of opinion, perspective and or lifestyle choices.

Perhaps it's all a necessary over shoot to getting people to speak out for the devastating things that far to many are turning a blind eye to. This imbalance may be a key component to the readjusting in process. Maybe enough people need to become totally annoyed with the ones using their voice or platform to tare down those with differences of opinions. It is wonderful that they are no longer staying silent but their voices would be far more productive if they refocus their attention on the plethora of injustices that are plaguing our society and internal systems instead of taring down individuals who are in various levels of learning and growth.

To them I say this: Have compassion and engage in conversation with people who have a difference of opinion than you. Listen to them, take their point of view into consideration, ask questions and try to gain insight into why they hold the views. If you are lucky, they will do the same and more than likely, you both will come away a little more defined as growing individuals. At the very least, you can get on with your lives, living it and or viewing it from your perspective and leaving others to do the same while minding your own business.

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