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Energy Well Spent

I recognized that I choose to spend very little energy towards folding laundry.

As little as possible, actually.

I have no problem with folding and putting away the laundry. Once out of the dryer, it's a quick fold and usually a quick put away. I DO sometimes leave the folded in the basket in the hallway upstairs between the rooms and linen storage.

For days.

But, I live alone and I know where everything is.


ANYWAYS, the actual folding part, I don't have a systematic process of folding.


What started off as a rebellion against the militant methods instilled upon me as a child - I've let the precision slide.

Okay, its not as roll in a ball and call it done like it's sounding, I just let a lot slide. If the corners don't line up or there's a crinkle here or a fold there or my sleeping shirts I will sometimes fold in a different way each time leaving each shirt in its own pile...

My towels though. I keep them toight because it just makes the most logical sense. Looks clean, neat and stacks well. So I guess its mostly just my underwares. I literally just throw them into a drawer and call it a day.

MY POINT is that we all choose how we spend out energy in every moment. We base these choices either consciously or unconsciously on our personal needs, wants, and desires. What suits us and/or what works. It's easy to look at how someone is choosing to do or use a thing and think they should make other choices more like their own.


I have a small, open garbage in my kitchen.

I've had various sized garbage bin with lids and none of them worked with some of my other processes.

I'm the kind of person very much affected by out of sight, out of mind and so when I had a large lidded bin, the rot and condensation build up was consistent. I was constantly having to wash this big ass, obnoxious bin more than I cared to. In my mind - waste of energy (W.O.E.) The trick soon became as small as possible so it needs to be changed frequently and kept in sight as a visual reminder to take it out. I also dance a bit when I'm cooking and am a mild germaphobe so the least amount of time spent touching garbage or waiting for lids to open, the better - for me. Yes I sometimes leave the garbage in a little too long and yes, in the summer when there are flies and my doors are open, I do give them ample opportunity to snack on premises. They fly in, check around and are like, what do we have here?!?! But these are all consequences I am prepared to sometimes have to deal with. It seems like a fairly decent trade off for my convenience. In areas that work for me. When I'M the only one who has to deal with it. Well my son as well but only one week out of three so he can just manage or adjust or compromise by taking out the garbage more when he's over.

So it's funny to me how some people will argue with me that I should get a garbage with a lid. I get it, they would not choose to have a lidless kitchen garbage. But that has nothing to do with me. Just like me living lidless has nothing to do with them.

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